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The Christian Cemetery, Ras Al Hamra (it’s official name), lies within the PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) site in central Muscat. The Cemetery itself is located in an isolated wadi (valley) not far from the sea. The Cemetery is still open to new burials.

Although there are many trees in this well kept cemetery there is still insufficient shade to protect many of the headstones from the searing heat, the effects of which is only too obvious in some photographs. In addition, in many cases, the stone used is very light with the inscriptions difficult to read. Many of the servicemen buried here were in the Service of HM The Sultan, however, one can see from the inscriptions that many have had prior service in HM (UK) Forces.

HARRISON, Naqeeb (Capt), ROBERT MICHAEL HUNTER. Northern Frontier Regt. Aged 27. Formerly Rhodesian Light Infantry. No date of death known.

If anyone has any extra details on this man it would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer's name to follow shortly.


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