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List updated September 13, 2011

Country Total = 112

2 names on 1 memorial; 110 graves in 5 cemeteries

Completed = 93 (or 83.03%)

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Blantyre Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Cemetery
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Karonga War Cemetery
Mangochi Town Cemetery
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Zomba King's African Rifles Cantonment Cemetery
Zomba Memorial
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Zomba Town Cemetery
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The Cemetery is very close to the well known church of Saint Michael. All visitors to the Cemetery will pass the vehicle entrance to the church and Mission area from the main road, and only 300 metres further on is an unmetalled vehicle track. At the point where the track sweeps round to the right (approximately 300 metres from the main road) a dirt track leads to the Cemetery metal gates, with the CWGC plaque fixed to the right side brick pier. The majority of the Commission graves are located within 50 metres to the near right of the gate, and one single grave is located on the left boundary (at the approximate mid point) and two other individual graves are located approximately 100 metres diagonally to the right (in amongst the many private graves which make up the majority of this communal area). There are now 26, 1914-1918, and 3, 1939-1945 Commonwealth burials in this Cemetery and 3 German burials.

Commonwealth War Dead 1914-1918

BECK, Staff Sergeant, J C, 12. South African Ordnance Corps. 9th July 1918. 138.

BROPHY, Private, N, 2394. South African Medical Corps. 7th December 1918. Age 24. Son of the late Edward and Mary Brophy. Born at Durham. 152.

DONALDSON, Corporal, W W, S/7832. South African Service Corps. 19th May 1919. Age 34. Son of the late Henry and Ellen Donaldson. 156.

ENGELBRECHT, Private, G P, 2978. South African Medical Corps. 26th November 1918. Age 27. Son of Mrs. Anna Magathale Engelbrecht; husband of Catharina Maria Bouwer (formerly Engelbrecht). of 62, Rissik St., Krugersdorp, Transvaal. 144.

FYNN, Driver, B, 8393. East African Mechanical Transport Corps. 20th December 1918. 153.

GIBSON, Driver, J A, 7011. East African Mechanical Transport Corps. 4th December 1918. 147.

GOODREAU, Bugler, GEORGE, 238. 2nd. South African Rifles. 10th November 1915. Age 26. Son of George and Alice Goodreau, of 26, Massasoit Place, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A. Born at Pawtucket, Rhode Is-land. Spec. Memorial.

HUGHES, Private, A, CM/892. South African Motor Cyclist Corps. 4th January 1919. 154.

JOHNSON, Private, O P, 2877. South African Medical Corps. 5th December 1918. Age 22. 150.

KELLY, Private, G R, 2949. South African Medical Corps. 30th November 1918. 145.

KIRSTEN, Captain, ANDREW PETER, South African Service Corps. 6th December 1918. Age 28. Son of Mr. A. and Mrs. G. M. Kirsten, of 47, Warmbaths, Transvaal. 151.

MUDD, Sergeant, A T, 2785. South African Medical Corps. 4th December 1918. Age 37. Son of Thomas James Mudd; husband of Emma Millicent Mudd, of Waterbeach, Cambridge. Born at Waterbeach. 148.

RANDALL, Private, JOHN EDWARD, 2600. South African Medical Corps. 19th November 1918. Age 45. Son of Jeremiah Randall; husband of Elizabeth Bampton Randall, of Peddie, Cape Province. 142.

SPARKS, Company Serjeant Major, A M, 56007. 103rd Bn. Training Reserve attd. 1st King's African Rifles. 5th December 1918. 149.

Commonwealth War Dead 1939-1945

BAMUSI MASAPI, Private, DN/6685. Somaliland Scouts. 27th September 1943. African Section.

GARDNER, Serjeant, DAVID MITCHELL, LF/2961. King's African Rifles. 23rd May 1941. Grave 273.

LIFRED BECHILI, Private, 21273. East African Army Service Corps. 1st November 1941. African Section N.85.


This is on the site of the Ross Adams Compound, where Military and Police Forces defended Karonga in September, 1914. It was made in 1933 to take the 6 British graves from Karonga No. 2 Cemetery and the 6 Germans from Karonga No. 1 and No. 3 Cemeteries, which became permanently covered with water owing to the rise in the level of Lake Nyasa. Further concentrations have been made from Chitipa Military Grave, Karonga Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Cemetery, Karonga New War Cemetery and Livingstonia Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Cemetery. There are 11, 1914-1918 and 1, 1939-1945 Commonwealth war casualties commemorated in this site. There are also 6 German burials.

Commonwealth War Dead 1914-1918

ALEXANDER, Scout, D S, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 25th July 1915. Grave 2.

ASCOTT, Volunteer, VINCENT JOHN DAWSON, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 9th September 1914. Age 22. Grave 6.

CALDECOTT, Lieutenant, JOHN LESLIE, Royal Garrison Artillery. Killed in action at Kasoa 9th September 1914. Age 28. Son of the Rev. Andrew Caldecott, M.A., and Isabel Mary Caldecott, of West Chillington Rec-tory, Pulborough, Sussex. A.D.C. to the Governor of Nyasaland. Grave 8.

CAMPBELL, Volunteer, GEORGE, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 10th April 1916. Grave 4.

CRUISE, Captain, HENRY RICHARD, Nyasaland Frontier Force. 22nd April 1916. Grave 3.

DUMELOW, Volunteer, L, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 25th July 1915. Grave 12.

GARNETT, Lieutenant, PHILLIP NIGEL, Royal Berkshire Regiment attd. 1st King's African Rifles. Died of wounds 11th September 1914. Age 28. Son of Herbert and Julia Garnett of Addiscombe, Cranborough Road, Bournemouth. Grave 10.

MANNING, Volunteer, GEORGE FREDERICK, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 9th September 1914. Grave 11.

MERRIMAN, Volunteer, GORDON, Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve. 9th September 1914. Age 29. Grave 9.

MOORHEAD, Lieutenant Colonel, GEORGE OLIVER, Commanding 1st Regt. South African Infantry. 20th May 1916. Age 49. Son of Lt. Col. G. Moorhead, R.A.M.C., and Margaret Moorhead (nee Humphreys); hus-band of Effie Moorhead (nee Brown), of New Venture, Rustenburg, Transvaal. Born at Rustenburg. Grave 5.

YORAM, Colour Serjeant, 301. 1st. King's African Rifles. 9th September 1914. Grave 7.

Commonwealth War Dead 1939-1945

HAIG, Company Quartermaster Serjeant, EDWARD GORDON, X/1450. 1st Bn. Rhodesia Regiment attd. 2/1st Bn. King's African Rifles. 16th May 1941. Grave 1.


The township of Limbe is approximately 8 kilometres east of Blantyre, and with the urban development that has occurred the two are now linked. Visitors are best advised to take a taxi from the centre of Limbe to the cemetery, which is on the Thyolo Road well before the village of Chigumula. Beginning at the Limbe main post office in the centre of town, head south out of town. After passing the junction of the Blantyre Road the Thyolo Road is a right turn off the main road 1.3 kilometres metres from the town centre. Continue from this 'T' junction approximately 1.5 kilometres and the first entrance and brick front wall are on the right side of the road. The individual grave is at the midpoint of the two vehicle entrances (off the main road, 20 metres from the front wall)

Commonwealth War Dead 1939-1945

COPLAND, Serjeant, JOHN HAY, LF/1420. Kenya Regiment attd. King's African Rifles. 19th April 1943. Age 26. Son of James Clair and Ellen Agusta Copland, of Lilongwe. Malawi. Grave 366.



The King's African Rifles Cantonment Cemetery is located 2 kilometres south of Zomba on the Blantyre road. At the entrance to this cemetery will be found the Zomba Memorial, which commemorates members of the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the King's African Rifles who lost their lives in the First World War and who have no known grave. There are 51 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-1945 war commemorated in this site, 1 of which is unidentified. There are also 10 non world war burials, 2 of which are unidentified.

Commonwealth War Dead 1939-1945

ALBERT MUKWANYUWA, Lance Corporal, 7281. King's African Rifles. 10th March 1945. Row C. Grave 8.

BIZALEMU AUSTIN, Private, DN/12842. King's African Rifles. 28th September 1941. Row D. Grave 8.

BOTIFARI LIFA, Private, DN/23788. King's African Rifles. 20th July 1944. Row C. Grave 11.

BULA KAPITO, Private, DN/21556. 1st (Nyasaland) Bn. King's African Rifles. 20th June 1946. Spec. Me-morial. Row E. Grave 8.

BWANALI SANDY, Lance Bombardier, DN/5809. East African Artillery. 7th January 1944. Row D. Grave 7.

CHEGE WAINAINA, Private, 58193. 51 Gen. Transport Coy. East African Army Service Corps. 14th January 1946. Row D. Grave 9.

CLAUDIO BAZILIO, Private, M/5153. East African Army Medical Corps. 28th June 1941. Row D. Grave 3.

CLEMENS MORGAIN, Private, DN/25763. King's African Rifles. 17th April 1945. Row C. Grave 7.

CRYTON BILLIE, Private, DN/11559. King's African Rifles attd. Somalia Gendarmerie. 24th January 1944. Row A. Grave 2.

DAMIANO MISOMLI, Private, DN/13825. 14th (Nyasaland) Bn. King's African Rifles. 10th May 1945. Row C. Grave 6.

FACKI JUMA, Private, 12088. King's African Rifles. 21st October 1945. Spec. Memorial. Row D. Grave 1.

FALISONI DICSON, Private, ZB/45749. East African Army Ordnance Corps. 5th July 1946. Row E. Grave 7.

FIDDES BILLIOT, Private, DN/26299. King's African Rifles. 8th February 1946. Spec. Memorial. Row C. Grave 3.

FUNDISYA MWASUMBI, Private, DN/6232. King's African Rifles. 9th February 1941. Row D. Grave 5.

HAWALD MAKUGANYA, Private, 27263. East African Army Service Corps. 22nd July 1943. Row A. Grave 4.

IMANI ROBERT, Private, DN/22547. King's African Rifles. 10th May 1944. Row B. Grave 5.

JAISON JOSWA, Private, DN/12913. King's African Rifles. 19th August 1944. Row C. Grave 10.

JERADI CHISUPE, Private, 3545. King's African Rifles. 20th December 1943. Row D. Grave 6.

JOHN BENSON, Private, ZB/21668. 26 Vehicle Repair Depot. East African Army Service Corps. 20th January 1946. Row D. Grave 10.

JOSEPH MIRAZI MPEMBU, Private, 8711. 80 Gen. Transport Coy. East African Army Service Corps. 22nd January 1945. Row C. Grave 9.

JOSEPH SAMUEL, Private, DN/24769. King's African Rifles. 29th June 1944. Row B. Grave 3.

JUWALA MTHALI, Private, DN/25365. King's African Rifles. 12th October 1945. Row C. Grave 4.

KALONDA CHIKAONDA, Private, 30081. East African Army Service Corps. 17th April 1943. Row A. Grave 6.

LANGILANI MAKUBULI, Private, DN/24507. King's African Rifles. 12th May 1944. Row B. Grave 4.

LAWRENCE LIPENGA, Private, DN/15814. King's African Rifles. 22nd March 1944. Row B. Grave 10.

LUWENI CHIWAYA, Private, DN/24403. East African Army Service Corps. 2nd June 1946. Spec. Memo-rial. Row A. Grave 10.

MAKINA WILSON, Private, DN/9943. King's African Rifles. 5th July 1944. Row B. Grave 1.

MAKULUNI CHITALA, Private, DN/15629. King's African Rifles. 22nd June 1943. Row A. Grave 5.

MAPANGA KUNWALA, Private, L/52871. King's African Rifles. 1st April 1943. Row A. Grave 7.

MARIKO MAKALANI, Private, DN/14414. King's African Rifles. 21st January 1943. Row E. Grave 5.

MAULIDI BONANI, Private, DN/10647. King's African Rifles. 8th December 1945. Spec. Memorial. Row C. Grave 2.

MILLION CHOPE, Driver, DN/22623. East African Army Service Corps. 12th April 1944. Row B. Grave 9.

MOKOMBOLA NAMAKHULIA, Private, 7328. King's African Rifles. 14th September 1942. Row D. Grave 2.

MWEGA NEUKI, Private, 46601. 401 Base Workshops. East African Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. 7th April 1946. Row E. Grave 11.

NANKWENYA NTAMBA, Driver, ZB/21206. East African Army Service Corps. 2nd January 1946. Spec. Memorial. Row E. Grave 9.

NYALAPI TUMBILA, Private, DN/13719. 30th (Nyasaland) Bn. King's African Rifles. 30th April 1944. Row B. Grave 6.

NYASALAND FILIPO, Driver, 45614. East African Army Service Corps. 7th May 1943. Row E. Grave 4.

PAULO MURUKAIWA, Private, DN/14736. King's African Rifles. 5th January 1943. Row A. Grave 9.

PIERE MARTIN, Private, DN/26312. King's African Rifles. 6th October 1945. Row C. Grave 5.

RABSON CHARLIE, Private, DN/16278. King's African Rifles. 14th April 1944. Row B. Grave 7.

RAPHAEL ARON, Private, DN/22001. 6th Bn. Northern Rhodesia Regiment. 13th April 1946. Spec. Memo-rial. Row E. Grave 10.

SAMUEL SANDANDA, Private, DN/21887. King's African Rifles. 5th September 1943. Row A. Grave 3.

SAUZANDE KAIMBA, Private, DN/23228. King's African Rifles. 10th April 1944. Row B. Grave 8.

SIMION DOLOFU, Private, DN/16635. King's African Rifles. 12th March 1943. Row A. Grave 8.

STEPHAN SUMANI, Private, DN/13192. King's African Rifles. 26th January 1944. Row B. Grave 11.

STIVINO MALIYAMO, Private, DN/10613. King's African Rifles. 20th May 1941. Row D. Grave 4.

THOMAS LIKWA, Private, DN/14809. 18th (Nyasaland) Bn. King's African Rifles. 25th January 1944. Row A. Grave 1.

WILLIAS YEKONIA, Private, DN/26082. King's African Rifles. 5th December 1945. Spec. Memorial. Row D. Grave 11.

YUSUFU MASAMANI, Private, DN/24345. King's African Rifles. 2nd July 1944. Row B. Grave 2.

Non World War Dead

ADAMSON MKANDAWIRE, Recruit, 2117. 1st Bn. Malawi Rifles. 21st October 1966. Row F Grave 3.

GABRIEL KALUMBA, Warrant Officer Class II, DN/30931. King's African Rifles. 4th March 1950. Row E Grave 3.

JOHNATHAN PHIRI, Civilian (Pensioner, KAR), Civilian. 4th November 1956. Row F Grave 8.

PATRICK GONDWE, Private, 42285. 1st Malawi Rifles. Malawi Rifles. 4th February 1967. Row E Grave 1.

PAULO, Civilian, Civilian. 3rd November 1953. Row F Grave 7.

POGRASSIO MANGAZUE, Civilian, Civilian. 9th July 1954. Row F Grave 6.

REMENTI, Civilian, Service Dependant. 26th June 1954. Row F Grave 5.

TOMMY GREY, Civilian, Civilian. 24th November 1957. Row F Grave 9.

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