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List updated Oct. 26, 2013

Country Total = 17

17 graves in 3 cemeteries

Completed = 12 (or 80.0%)

SA War Dead #
SA serving in Non-SA units War Dead #
Status - Complete, Underway, Part Done
Beirut War Cemetery
Part done (5 of 8) - Missing D M Lllyd 7. B. 6. & M MNGOMEZULU 6. G. 5. & O Verkyl 6. G. 7.
Oren J.
Sidon War Cemetery
Part Done (6 of 8) - Missing T Molefi 4. A. 6. and M Monyane 4. A. 9.
Oren J.
Tripoli (Victoria) Naval Cemetery
Oren J.



Beirut War Cemetery is located approximately 2-3 kilometres from the centre of Beirut in the El Horj district on Rue Jalloul, which runs west of Avenue de Novembre which is next to a park known as the Forest of Pines. The cemetery is in two sections, bisected by Rue Jalloul. The cemetery is open Monday to Friday and Saturday morning. Closed all day Sunday.

HOLMES, Second Lieutenant (Obs.), ALBERT CLIVE, 169805V. South African Air Force. 30th March 1944. Husband of D. S. Holmes, of Paarl, Cape Province, South Africa 7. B. 10

KILIAN, Lieutenant (Pilot), PETER JOHANNES, 205513V. South African Air Force. 30th March 1944. 7. C. 5

LLOYD, Second Lieutenant, DOUGLAS MILLER, 542654V. South African Air Force. 30th March 1944. 7. B. 6

MNGOMEZULU, Private, M, N/39912. Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces. 12th September 1942. Age 22. Son of Mazimu and Mahilda, of Ingwavuma, Natal, South Africa 6. G. 5

SELLEY, Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.), TERENCE ANTHONY, 543079V. South African Air Force. 30th March 1944. Age 22. Son of Anthony G. and Mona F. Selley, of Clarendon, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa 7. B. 8

VAN DER SPUY, Lieutenant (W.Op./Air Gnr.), CECIL CONRADIE, 206356V. South African Air Force. 30th March 1944. Age 22. Son of Pieter M. and Anna S. van der Spuy, of Mqanduli, Cape Province, South Africa 7. C. 3

VAN ROOY, Gunner, D, C/320518V. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces. 20th July 1945. 7. F. 4

VERKYL, Private, O, C/300484. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces. 23rd December 1942. Age 24. Son of Phillip and Christina Verkyl 6. G. 7


Sidon is about 60 kilometres south of Beirut on the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon. Sidon War Cemetery lies about 1 kilometre inland from the southern bay of Sidon harbour in Sabbagh Quarter. Barghout Street is in the Durukman area. The entrance is in a small road called Sahl al Sabbagh, leading right off the Rue Iskandarani. A taxi or a shared taxi is the only form of public transport from Beirut which, with its airport, is the nearest convenient centre to Sidon. Visitors wishing to gain entry to the Cemetery outside of normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 07.30 to 14.30) should contact the British Embassy, Beirut. Arrangements can then be made for the gardener to be on site.

CLASSEN, Private, J, C/318255. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces. 13th September 1942. 4. B. 4

MASOLENG, Corporal, W J, C/288762. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces. 3rd November 1942. Age 37. Son of W. J. and Johanna Masoleng, of Cradock, Cape Province, South Africa; husband of Elizabeth Masoleng, of Cradock 4. A. 12

MATHENGANA, Private, J, N/70000V. Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces. 31st December 1943. Age 23. Son of Shirinde and Ngwahuhlwane, of Louis Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa 4 A 1

MIZON, Sapper, G A, 215995. South African Engineer Corps. 21st September 1943. 1. C. 4

MOHLOKA, Private, M, N/7802. Native Military Corps, S.A. Forces. 3rd May 1943. 4. B. 6

MOLEFI T TSIBOSO Private AS/2684 African Pioneer Corps (H.C.T.) 1910 (Basuto) Coy. 1-Dec-42 29 4. A. 6.

MONYANE M MOTUMI Private AS/4063 African Pioneer Corps (H.C.T.) 1908 (Basuto) Coy. 10-Feb-43 36 4. A. 9.

OHLSEN, Corporal, C A C, 213523. South African Engineer Corps. 17th February 1943. 1. B. 4

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